Financial Literacy Resources for Teens


Money As You GrowWebsite: Consumer Finance Protection Bureau CFPB hosts Money As You Grow, a dedicated webpage for parents and caregivers that identifies key stages of childhood financial development. The webpage offers practical, age-appropriate activities and conversation starters to help parents and caregivers encourage their kids to develop positive financial knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes. … Read moreFinancial Literacy Resources for Teens

Resources for Teaching (and Learning) Digital Literacy Skills


The Covid-19 crisis has pushed us all online… for working, for teaching and for learning. If you want to help your students improve their digital literacy skills (or brush up on your own) Northstar Digital Literacy provides a set of tools to develop and measure ability. The Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments define basic skills needed to use a computer and … Read moreResources for Teaching (and Learning) Digital Literacy Skills

12 open source resources for kids and young adults


Explore new technologies with’s top 12 articles from 2019 about learning an open source technology. Are you looking to challenge your children (or even yourself) to learn new things about open source technologies? Whether you’re in elementary school, high school, or college, or even a parent or teacher, has some great reading about open source … Read more12 open source resources for kids and young adults

Digital Literacy for Children and Apps for Learning

Here are some online resources selected by Children’s and Teen’s library staff that help support children’s digital literacy skills. Digital Literacy Using Apps with Children Digital devices and new media can be effective tools in supporting a child’s learning, creativity and development. You have an important role to play as a child’s media mentor. Tips … Read moreDigital Literacy for Children and Apps for Learning

Digital Literacy Facts & Worksheets


Surrounded by digital devices, every person needs a set of knowledge and skills that allow them to thrive, participate, and contribute in this modern world. This is called DIGITAL LITERACY. Over the years, technology has been growing at an exponential rate. It has changed the way people think and live. Surrounded by digital devices, every … Read moreDigital Literacy Facts & Worksheets