Computer Literacy – Lesson Plans & Classroom Activities

Classroom Resources

Instructional Resource: Computer SkillsDecoda
These instructional resources are a series of three-hour lesson plans and student workbooks to help adults learn basic computer literacy.

Instructional Resource:  The ESL Computer Book – The Internet Using Microsoft ExplorerHalifax Immigrant Learning Centre
This workbook is a basic introduction to the Internet and was developed for English as a Second Language learners both in a classroom setting with an instructor and as a self-teaching guide.

Instructional Resource: Computer LiteracyLiteracy Online
This website hosts a number of lessons and instructional tools to help students learn computer literacy, such as a needs assessment, computer lab worksheets, and lesson plans.

Instructional Resource: Digital Literacy CurriculumTechnology Literacy Collaborative
This website hosts over a hundred downloadable lessons to teach students computer literacy skills.

Instructional Resource: Computer Literacy for Immigrants and RefugeesEdmonds Community College
This website hosts practical activities to help students learn how to learn to use the internet, email, and Microsoft office programs. Classroom activities are in Microsoft Word format, so they are easily adaptable to regional contexts.

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