The Best Google Classroom Cheatsheet for the Online Teacher

A must-have for Google Classroom educators.

Those teachers out there familiar with Google Classroom will love this Google Classroom Cheatsheet from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. It features 10 cool things that are a must for educators using Google Classroom to know how to do.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in the Google Classroom Cheatsheet, from the original article:

“The visual features 10 important tasks teachers should be able to do on Classroom. These include: invite students to join a class, manage multiple classes, invite co-teachers to a class; create or modify an assignment, create an announcement, quick exit tickets and polling, create a class resource page, grade and return an assignment, set class permissions’ and transfer grades to Google Sheets or to a CSV file.”

If you’ve never used Google Classroom, then don’t despair—the video below features an updated introductory tutorial on how to get started. After that, you can make the most of your experience with the Google Classroom Cheatsheet.

Enjoy this Google Classroom Cheatsheet from the gang at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

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